How Much Is a TWIC Card Cost?

How is this card? TWIC card?

The TWIC card is an identification card for Transportation Workers. Credential. It is an invulnerable cards given by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which is required to gain access without a permit to secure vessels and maritime facilities.

Many maritime workers, like truck drivers, longshoremen Merchant mariners and longshoremen, have to get an TWIC. To obtain the TWIC the worker must possess an official, valid photo ID, like driver’s license or passport and be able to pass a background screening.

In the eve of a number of occasions, emergency personnel, such like Coast Guard personnel, such as Coast Guard, or other maritime workers in general, require access to vessels and ports without the need to pass through security, customs or screening. This is why it was that the Maritime Transportation Security Act was adopted, which included an number of guidelines regarding the safety and security of port facilities and vessels. The act also created a procedure for those workers to have unsupervised access to the ports and vessels. TWIC card TWIC card is one of the ways this access can be granted in order to ensure the security for U.S. ships and ports.

It is the Transportation Worker ID Credential (TWIC) card allows individuals with a job the ability to move about freely without spending time or needing additional security. People who work on boats aren’t all the people who require the card. There are approximately 2 million people who are enrolled in the TWIC card program, as well as 3.3 million have signed up since it was launched in 2007. A few of those that require the card include contractors, truckers maintenance personnel, as well as anyone who requires access to ports and vessels that are which are controlled by the MTSA.

The card is secure from tampering, and has the Integrated Circuit Chip which contains all biometric data, including fingerprints. It also includes an electronic strip that is similar to a credit card, along with the linear barcode. The card is almost impossible to create as there are several steps that people seeking one must go through prior to being approved for one.

How do you obtain an TWIC card?

To be qualified to apply for the TWIC card You must be an U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident, or a non-immigrant foreign national who is in legal status. Also, you must have access to MTSA controlled facilities. You can fill out the application via the internet or in person in an application center and there are many TWIC offices across the nation, so that you carry all the required documents. There are many options available. There are a number of possibilities and a few of them are unexpired passports or ID that is valid (this may be your driver’s licence, an ID card from the army or an old military ID) or a birth certificate. After complete filling out all the necessary paperwork, one of the first requirements for applicants is take a security risk evaluation (STA).

The STA is a large amount of paperwork. It’s recommended to apply for an TWIC card at the least 8 to 12 weeks in the time you’ll actually require it. After you’ve submitted your application typically, it takes between about 4-6 weeks for you to be contacted in response; you can monitor the status of your application in the meantime. Here is the entire procedure:

  1. An applicant must pass a background test The background check is evidently a standard procedure, and no crucial information about oneself can be kept secret. Every single detail that is derived from the social security number, date and place of birth along with all residential addresses in the past five years is necessary for being included. If you’ve had an STA that is considered to be relatable to the current one, you can request a comparability determination.
  2. Databases of the government in both countries are followed to confirm your identity, and identify whether you are a threat to national or transport security or terrorism.
  3. Then it will determine if you are in possession of outstanding demands as well as warrants. It also determines are a deportable foreign national. We will go over the factors that disqualify you in less than a minute.
  4. If everything else goes out In the event that everything is okay, you will be able to go through the final decision in where the TSA makes their final decision. This includes:
    • Identification of No Security Threat It’s fine, and everything is running smoothly without a hitch.
    • First Determination of Threat Assessment This signifies it means that TSA has concluded that you are not in compliance with the criteria. They will explain the reason for this and you can appeal for 60-days.
    • First Determination of Threat Assessment and immediate Revocation if the TSA considers that you pose danger to the security of our nation. You are entitled to appeal this decision however if no appeal is heard within the 60-day timeframe, it is a Final Decision of Threat Assessment for Security.

Appeal information is in the process of being announced in less than a second however, in the event that you don’t have a good record, the work at your own end will take a long time. However, the TSA is very strict about security in this area. After completing the application, the card itself will contain your full name, photo as well as expiration date and two fingerprints. The card is valid for five years.

TWIC card costs and renewal

It’s $125.25 for a five-year subscription however, you may be allowed to pay just $105.25 If you’ve already been through the STA and have passed a background check, or have an endorsement that is hazardous or a Secure and Free Trade card. The cost for renewal of a TWIC renewal is identical, however there is an additional cost of $60 in the event that you have to replace it and require your TWIC card replacement.

To stop this from being a possibility in the future, the TSA suggests that you take care of it as you would with any other credit card however, with a bit of extra care. Store it in an opaque plastic case and a case will be provided – but do not place in the direct light or near the magnetic field and do not flex, make a bend, or even punch holes in the credit card. If you require a replacement then you’ll receive a temporary receipt to ensure that you can be able to access facilities until you receive the replacement card to arrive.

TWIC card disqualifying reasons and appeals

The appeals procedure is lengthy and, depending on the reasons why TSA rejected your application the TSA denied your application, there may be additional things you must do. If you were convicted of a misdemeanor simple possession of a drug or if the charge was dismissed, a standard appeal is the only thing needed. If, however, you have been convicted of a felony disqualifying you from being convicted within the last seven years, or if you were discharged from jail within the past five years then a waiver is required. The waiver procedure involves the personal statement of yours, supporting documents that show the dates that you were released were correct, along with documents of your parole agent employer, and at least two relatives.

Disqualifying elements are divided into three sections that each contain a number of grounds for why an TWIC applicant may be rejected, with an appeal is required. Part A are the permanent criminal Infractions. These comprise treason, sedition as well as espionage, terrorist acts and murder, as well as conspiracy to commit them, and other reasons that prevent the person from ever receiving an TWIC card. Part B are the interim disqualifying criminal Crimes. They include kidnapping, smuggling, extortion and assault, among other things. These are the types of crimes that require to be at least seven years following conviction or five years following release from imprisonment for an individual to be qualified. Part C deals with warrants, wants and indictments. As they are current, it is not possible to get the TWIC card is refused.

TWIC card TWIC card is essential for everyone working at ports and maritime vessels however, in order to be eligible for one, your file must be clear.


A: What should I do in the event that I lose or steal my TWIC card is stolen or lost?

A The user can get a replacement cost of $60.00. Check out this site Universal Enrollment Services website or call (855) 347-8371 from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. ET and visit the enrollment centers to request a new TWIC(r) card.

Q Is the TSA ensure the security information on my TWIC card details?

A Absolutely. To ensure your privacy is secured, your information is protected by encryption, is stored and transmitted with security with methods that shield the data from unauthorised access or use.

Q Is my employer able to take my TWIC card from me?

Answer: No.TWIC cards are the rightful property to the TSA. There is one exception. Employers must retrieve the TWIC card issued by an individual who is not a citizen of the country when their work visa is expired. The employer is obliged for the return of their card TSA. Police, TSA as well as U.S. Coast Guard personnel may also take away the TWIC in the event of its use in combination with the commission of a crime.

Q: Do you have an inventory of TWIC card offices?

A Absolutely. Here is a complete description of TWIC card office places in the U.S.

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