How Did Michael Afton Die?

Through everything that’s happened in the past few games of the FNAF series, we’ve come to realize that death isn’t an easy concept to comprehend within Scott Cawthon’s world. While many of the characters who were essential to the story died quickly for example, Elizabeth Afton in Circus Baby’s clutches or Evan Afton in Fredbear’s jaws survived to tell their story.

Michael Afton is one of these characters The the son of William Afton and sibling to Elizabeth and Evan Afton. Michael was introduced to the show as a naughty brother, who especially bullied Evan who was known as the “Crying Child” as he was known at the time. But, the consequences of his conduct manifested itself through the”Bites of ’83,” the tragic incident that altered Michael throughout the rest of his life.

Following the infamous ’83 Bite, Michael decided to atone for his transgressions and go into a risky route. In short, by getting involved with the dark aspect that is Fazbear’s Entertainment, Michael put himself in the midst of horror, being killed not just once, but twice.

Although it may seem, the lack of real-world realism in the things we’ve just discussed can be explained by going back to the point at which they started.

Circus Baby: The First Evil Animatronic

The closing of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria as a result of the Missing Children’s incident, dealt an enormous blow to the name that was Fazbear’s Entertainment. Henry Emily and William Afton who founded the company believed that a return was in order, even though William was not without other motives.

After killing the five children of The Missing Children’s incident, William was overjoyed while his mind whirled with even more sinister ideas.

What if, after he had a brainstorm that there was an automatized animatronic system that could do the killing on his behalf? It could even hide the body of the victim inside it as did William was able to dispose of the five children he before killed. Animatronics aren’t usually large enough to hold the body of a child, but making this one a tiny bit larger will not raise suspicion, would it?

So, Circus Baby came into existence. The idea was approved by Henry who was enthralled by the latest in endoskeleton technology. She was able to sing and dance and was outfitted with a built-in helium tank to allow inflation of balloons right in her reach.

However, little did Henry knew about circus baby’s “other” function, where she attracted and separated children using served Ice Cream before pulling them into the ring with her own Scooper.

The Tragedy at Circus Baby’s Pizza World

However it was, with the next big item set to launch, Fazbear Entertainment opened up “Circus Baby’s Pizza World,” which was a highly successful business venture. Everything was going smoothly and business was flourishing and kids were squeezing at the table till Circus Baby claimed one of William’s. The young Elizabeth Afton, who was very fond of Circus Baby, had always had a desire to play with her.

Her endless requests, however she was repeatedly rejected by William. Though he displayed an inexplicably strong hatred for children, he was never so bad as to let his own family fall victim to his shady schemes.

Elizabeth however, was not aware of this, and frequently thought about why her father would not allow her to have fun with Circus Baby, who he admitted was modelled on Elizabeth herself. Unable to come up with a rational reason, Elizabeth was determined to play with Circus Baby at every sizeable occasion.

This opportunity finally came up on a wonderful day. In the middle of a child’s birthday celebration, Elizabeth snuck into Circus Baby’s room and wanted to have a play session with the girl. Circus Baby like every other time began to serve Ice Cream, her programed lure tactic to which Elizabeth liked her response.

Then it happened. It was over quickly, and nobody even noticed the screams of her daughter were drowned out by the sound of exuberant children.It’s known that Elizabeth was picked in the minigame by Elizabeth during The Circus Baby minigame in FNAF The Sister Location.

Bite of ’83: Michael’s Biggest Mistake

The loss of Elizabeth was a tragedy that left William in a state of confusion for a few days when he shifted between accepting the blame and denigrating what happened. In the midst of this, however William was confident that he was certain of one fact: he’d never allow his children be around his inventions in the future regardless of what.

But, at the moment, his youngest child, Evan Afton, was extremely enthusiastic about his animatronics. In addition, merely preventing the playthings wasn’t going to be enough, considering what his experience with Elizabeth’s experience.

So, William resorted to an alarming strategy of reducing Evan’s love for animatronics, causing him to suffer from a genuine fear of animatronics. According to reports, for five consecutive nights, William showed Evan nightmares when he was asleep. The nightmares that he experienced Evan felt trapped in his room as the teen tried to defend himself against frightening version of these animatronics that he so loved.

Evan’s terrifying experiences are recorded his terrifying experiences are captured FNAF 4, where we take on the role of Evan in the midst of his nightmare. Through all 5 nights we see Evan trying desperately to avoid the dangerous threat that is Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Bonnie, and Nightmare Foxy.

The Fated Birthday Party

At the conclusion of the test, William was able to keep Evan from animatronics permanently. Additionally, he did a great job of ignoring the intimidation Michael exposed Evan to. The bullying instances involved and scaring Evan with an Foxy mask. This was something William personally supervised and encouraged by way of an adorable Fredbear.

However, things went off the rails when Michael determinedly arranged Evan’s birthday celebration at Fredbear’s Restaurant.

The day before the event, Michael ganged up with his buddies, wearing animatronic masks, and carried Evan straight to Fredbear’s despite his wishes. Evan was crying when he arrived, suffering an emotional breakdown as his brothers and friends threw him in front of the Fredbear animatronic on the stage.

In this case, Michael was able to develop his plot by forcing Evan’s head inside the mouth of Fredbear which put him in the exact place he was scared of the most. Then, Evan’s tears ran through the animatronic’s spring-lock mechanism and caused a spring-lock to fail.

If a spring-lock malfunction occurs when the endoskeleton fails to lock, it springs back to its default position, which, in this instance, translates to the closing of Fredbear’s lips. In this way Evan’s head was bit into from a distance which killed him instantly and causing what’s called the “Bite” of ’83.It is the Bite of ’83 minigame can be played during night 5 in FNAF 4.

Michael’s First Death

Following the Bite of 1983, Michael was not heard from over the next several years. He continued to be an integral part of the Afton family. However, when William Afton went missing (due to his death), Michael sprung back to action.

The first thing Michael did was inquire about the whereabouts of his father from a coworker named Henry who Henry declared his ignorance. So, Michael had only one where to search for the father of his family: his recently launched company, Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals.

Michael gained entry into the facility through finding a position as a Late-Night Technician an extremely dangerous job that is perfect for securing a wealth of data. The first two days, Michael was unable to make any progress in gathering information concerning his father.

In reality, he would often find himself hiding from Funtime animatronics who hid in the night, while fixing the damaged animatronics and completing his work. On the third night Michael was kidnapped and ambushed by Funtime Foxy, passing out while in the process.

Michael was awakened wearing a spring lock animatronic suit, next to Circus Baby and Ballora. Michael was informed that his departed sibling, Elizabeth, now possessed Circus Baby. She also revealed Michael that other animatronics were also cursed and that he has to remove the souls of deceased children that are held by them.

Michael stood firm while his main goal shifted to finding his father, and doing over everything he’d accomplished, starting at Circus Baby.

The Scooping Room Incident

Michael was told to follow the instructions of Circus Baby to take his friend into the Scooping Room, where a Scooper machine would be used to remove her endoskeleton. When he entered the room along with the ruined Funtime animatronics inside, Michael encountered Ennard and was enticed by Circus Baby’s trap.

For those who do not know, Ennard is an amalgamation of all of the Funtime animatronics destroyed by trying to escape from the facility. These animatronics comprised Ballora, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy as well as Circus Baby, whose physical characteristics can be visible in the animation of Ennard.

Ennard was the symbol of all Funtime animatronics’ desire to escape. He also said that they didn’t have a place to escape, even if were to try. But, as with Michael Ennard, they were able to get out of the facility and explore the world outside even if they were human.

So, Ennard’s plan was implemented when it was revealed that the Scooper could be used cut Michael’s internal organs which allowed Ennard to enter his body to take over.

It is believed that Michael did in fact died at this point, and that Ennard was in control of his body from that moment from that point onwards. But, afterward, when Ennard left its body due to over decay, Michael was somehow able to recover his consciousness in a miraculous manner.The Scooping Room Incident serves as the primary canon conclusion of FNAF The Sister Location.

Michael’s Second Death

Michael seemed to be alive despite all that transpired, but He wasn’t sure exactly how, but it was not enough to stop him from working towards the goal he had set for himself. Soon after, he discovered the first clue to the location of his father’s body when He smelt Fazbear Frights, a newly launched haunted attraction.

The primary selling point offered by this exhibit was the fact that it included an authentic, salvaged animatronic suit that was frightened and worn-out. But, Michael suspected that this wasn’t just a typical animatronic from the days and may be the son of his father.

So, he slipped into the attraction in the most efficient method he could – by becoming a part of the night-time staff. Of course, even though it was a great job for gathering information and examining the main animatronics in the attraction however, it was also risky due to obvious reasons.

Near the final day of his employment and after he discovered that the animatronic he was working with Springtrap was actually the son of his deceased father Michael was able to set Fazbear Frights to blaze. The fire not only caused Springtrap burned alive during this process but also the other animatronics haunted by ghosts and let the souls of William Afton’s five first victims.

As we are aware, William survived the flame by evading death not only once, but twice when the man who made his return as Scraptrap.

Henry’s Final Plan: Goodbye Michael

At this moment, Michael had assumed his father had died for the last time and left him with only an ephemeral meaning to his personal life. But the sudden announcement which was made about Freddy’s Pizza Place pulled him back to the same situation like before. What was the reason why Henry be able to open it in the same way, Michael thought, as he was planning to investigate the business’s shady side once more.

An expert in his trade, Michael was able to get into Freddy’s Pizza Place and oddly secure an appointment as the restaurant’s manager. In addition, he was commanded each evening by Henry to save four animatronics he found in the back alley of the restaurant. Michael was able to identify them as Scraptrap (William Afton), Scrap Baby (Circus Baby), Molten Freddy (Ennard) along with L.E.F.T.Y (Puppet/Charlotte).

It was quite shocking to observe all four animatronics at one location, perhaps attracted to the huge influx of children each day, but that was not the issue. Michael quickly realized the reason of re-opening the entire establishment was to gather all of remaining animatronics, and end the violence cycle one and for all.

So, Michael did exactly as instructed, rescuing the animatronics of all four before Henry started to set the entire area in flames.

The animatronics died for the good of humanity, Henry was also determined to stay and go to the grave alongside the animatronics. However, in his last address, Henry revealed that he had an idea to get Michael out, a innocent child who shouldn’t be involved in the first place.

But, the truth is that something was that it had occurred however was that Michael was believed to be dead. That is the reason Michael decided to stay, and died after achieving his last wish. Goodbye Michael.


Question: What made Circus Baby betray Micheal?

Answer: It was at first amazing to watch Circus Baby, or Elizabeth who betrayed her brother in order to satisfy a nefarious motive. In the course of the execution the Henry’s Final Plan, Circus Baby discloses her intention to murder more children to please her father.
This suggests this suggests that Circus Baby animatronic overpowered Elizabeth’s soul, assuming total control and carrying out its ominous mission. So, it wasn’t Elizabeth who sinned against Micheal and Micheal was simply a victim of the evil plans that were a part of Circus Baby.

Question What was the reason Micheal overcome the first time he died?

Solution: The injection was found in the Scooper’s blueprint it had a relic injector. If you’re unaware this, it’s similar to the one that is in the Puppet used to inject his souls and the spirits of Afton’s initial five victims with animatronics. This caused them to become haunted.
Thus, it is believed that Micheal suffered a heart attack, his body was cut out. When he died with his soul infused by his deceased body like it was animatronic in the nature.

Question What was the best way to help William be able to survive the Fazbear Fright’s fire?

Answer: Unlike his previous loss, William Afton escaped the Fazbear Fright’s blaze by more realistic methods. William realized when his body was charred that there had to be an escape route close by since there was a brief exchange with Micheal shortly before the building fell into flames.
Therefore in the event that Micheal was able to escape alive following the start of an fire in the first place, then there had to have been an escape in the area. Therefore, Springtrap gambled on the notion that his son had made it out intact, and scoured for an exit route, which he did eventually find.

What was the reason Evan’s soul not freed initially?

Answer: As per the minigame at the close of FNAF 6 (Pizzeria Simulator) The game revealed that four of the souls were released after Micheal created Fazbear Frights on the fire. The two souls remaining, who were not happy with the result, were Puppet as well as Evan (now as the sole occupant for Golden Freddy).
As the Puppet was still negotiating in releasing Charlotte, Evan wanted to ensure his father was finally gone. In the end, Evan went through so more than he could imagine and held on to greater anger.

Question: What were the other noms did Micheal Afton have?

Answer: Based on it is known, Micheal Afton assumed two principal aliases as he slipped into several establishments run under the banner of Fazbear’s Entertainment.
The first one is Mike Schmidt, a name that he uses when the time comes for him to start working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza during the FNAF 1. The other is Eggs Benedict, the primary character in FNAF Sister’s Location which is based on Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals. The technician later turns out to be not but Micheal himself!


Michael Afton’s development as being a childish brother to the main character of the series is a joy to watch. Michael is among the most prominent characters in the FNAF series, mostly because he’s the one to push the series to a conclusion.

Following the set-up in the beginning of the two months of FNAF timeline, when the animatronics begin to be unsettling, and victims begin to accumulate, Michael is the first to look into the matter. As the main perpetrator in this case, William should’ve been held accountable by his co-founder Henry. However, as we know this wasn’t the case until a long time later.

However, Michael went directly out in the field, to those places of terror and faced horror to discover the truth. When he finally came to the truth and realized that to do and did so in a graceful manner by sacrificing his life, not just once, but twice during the process.

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